Shalonda Spencer from Nicaragua: “A Lesson in Humility…”

Shalonda Spencer

As my foot paced off the plane in Bluefields, Nicaragua, I knew that this unforgettable moment was just the beginning of a remarkable journey I was about to embrace. Having no indication of what I wanted to do with my last semester before graduation, I searched for answers and God placed on my heart to study abroad. We often ask God to speak to us and when his voice appears we become afraid to answer his calling. I know I was. I was thinking to myself, “what is it that he wants me to experience in another country? What are the lessons I’m suppose to appreciate while I am here?” This was when the words faith and humility were revealed to me.

While walking to pick up my bags, the beautiful smiles I saw from inside the gate, everyone patiently waiting for the other students and myself to arrive, were more than just a welcome. Considering Bluefields my home was far from my mind but for the next four months it was going to be. After three months of preparation, I was really in Bluefields, Nicaragua.

This experience has been the most humbling experience in my life. When I heard I was going to be in a third world country, the living conditions never registered in my brain. When the administrator who was over us began to take us on a tour of the house where we are living, my eyes grew big. There is no dryer, which means I hang my clothes outside. No American cable television, so I am missing all of my latest shows, like The Game and Criminal Minds. And lastly, I have to take cold showers. So I found myself complaining so much about everything that I didn’t even realize that when I walked around Bluefields, the people here never complain. I began to reevaluate myself.

As an American, I know I am fortunate and the privileges that are afforded to me are often taken for granted. But here, I see children working just as hard as their parents. Name brand clothing is not common to them and the word “Jordan” does not even exist to them.

But they never complain about taking cold showers – some would be glad to even take daily showers. It dawned on me that these people are comfortable and pleased with their living conditions. They make difficult situations less difficult without any hesitation.

After three weeks of being in Nicaragua, I realized why God placed me here in this atmosphere. He wanted to humble me and show me that life is more than just the latest TV shows, the name brand clothes and heels I love to wear, the latest technology gadgets I desire to have and the air-conditioned room I often sleep in.

Life is not about Shalonda.

Now, as I take my cold showers, I do it with humility and I pray and ask God to fill my mind with positive thoughts so I can give back to Bluefields, Nicaragua one day.  Before I start complaining about the small things that goes on in my life, I now remember to abide in humility because here in Nicaragua in spite of their circumstances they still persevere and live life delightfully. I am blessed for this opportunity and I cannot wait for God to reveals more of Nicaragua to me.

“All of you be subject one to another, and be clothed with humility: for God resisteth the proud and giveth grace to the humble.” (1 Peter 5:5)



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26 responses to “Shalonda Spencer from Nicaragua: “A Lesson in Humility…”

  1. Yolanda Davis

    AMEN!!! When you called last week I was worried that you would come home without giving yourself and Bluefields a chance. All I could do was pray that you would listen and learn!!!! What a great experience this is for you and the others. Have fun and learn a lot. See you next month.

  2. Dereka

    I’m so very proud of you Shalonda!

  3. Shelia Spencer


  4. Darius C. Kennebrew

    I’m so excited that you have the opportunity to learn, grown, and be fostered in Nicaragua and study abroad there during your last semester as a undergraduate Jacksonian. Continue to absorb the humility that it offers and soak in every euphoric opportunity that comes your way sis!!

  5. Shalonda Spencer

    Thank You all so much for such great words of encouragement.. This experience has been a gift from God and can’t wait to see more future endeavors he have for my life, his journey for me is only the beginning for my future..

  6. Katie M. Dearborn

    Shalonda, it appears that you have learned a lesson that will serve you well. Thank you for sharing your experience. May you be a blessing to the Nicaraguan people as they have been to you.

    Kind regards,

  7. Starlencia

    Continue on your journey & stay humble. I’m proud that you are seeking HIM. Love ya!!

  8. MeShonya Wren

    Awesome message that you have shared. It’s funny how often we forget to humble ourselves. Thank you for sharing your experience. I wish you safe travels home and continued enjoyment why being in Nicaragua.

  9. Morgan Gallon

    Beautiful! I am so happy for you! Mann.. Just continue to seek His face, girl! I love you! =)

  10. Wanna B

    WOW!!! Very Beautiful.. I am glad to know you are doing well!! Humility is an aswesome experience!! LOve you girl!

  11. Corey Brown

    Continue to be Humble Shalonda….Be Blessed

  12. Shirley Harrison

    Praise God for revelations…
    My first visit to Costa Rica was an eye opener, touching my heart and soul, for the people of the country don’t have much but what they have… is JUSTenough. It would be great if more young adults have such an experience, perhaps they would learn to appreciate the labor of their parents and our forefathers.

  13. Sara Williams

    no matter how long you may live you will never stop learning, God continues to teach us everyday! One of the most important lessons is that Love, (God’s Love) is unselfishness, which simply means to be totally adaptable and adjustable to others. Selfish people only want everyone to adjust to them and their needs. I Thank God you took the challenge and traveld abroad….. this experience will only help you grow from Faith2Faith!!

  14. Brian Cowan

    I love the lessons you are learning while you are there. Cherish everyday and soak up all you can. I remember the power going out, the cold showers and etc. Continue to let God humble you. Tell the others in “La Casa De Protocolo” Brian said hello. Cant wait to here from you again.

  15. Yetter Oatis

    I’m so very proud of you. I knew when you were 12 years old that God had a calling upon your life. You were so humble then as just as you are now. Remember that you can do all things through Christ Jesus that strengths you. I’m so proud!!!! You are a blessed child of God.

  16. Shalonda

    Thank you all so very much but none of this would be possible without my heavenly father… It’s such a blessing to have moral support from such great marvelous people!!

  17. Leslie Henry

    Yayyyyy Im happy for you girl!!! keep being a positive image…..

  18. Spence

    That’s nice ,stay humble, stay focused , stay excited, all part of your progression. Enjoy !!!!

  19. Hi Shalonda, I am so happy to hear about your experience in Nicaragua. Please stay focused and continue to share your life changing experiences with all of us at JSU. We need you to return to JSU and encourage other young African-Americans students to study abroad. I am encouraging you to live, learn and enjoy the culture in Nicaragua.

  20. Ronjanett

    Hello Lil’ Sis. I am so very proud of you. I will cherish our ‘facetime’ and look forward to hearing about the many experiences and blessings God gives you through this experience. Bloom where you are planted…make a difference for the cause of Christ. Blessings, Ms. Ron

  21. Kenda


  22. Old Friend

    You’re experiences are preparing you to be a blessing to someone else. We can rarely encourage what we haven’t truly experienced…. Glad to see you’re on the path you are.

  23. Charles Russ


    Thanks for sharing this heartfelt story so beautifully framed in humility.

  24. Jean D. Chamberlain

    Your message is powerful, Shalonda. Thanks for sharing it with us and for representing JSU in such a positive manner. We are so proud of you. I hope you will enjoy the rest of your stay in Nicaragua.

  25. Latti

    This is Latti, hope you have a good time and experience. I know Nicaragua
    will never be the same….LOL

  26. Welcome to Nicaragua and enjoy discovering it and yourself!

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